Physical CDs are here! 500 copies of #newamericankirtan are waiting for new homes. Gonna book some shows to share these beauties! #music ✌️ #ganesha #kirtan #folk #mantra

Physical CDs are here! 500 copies of #newamericankirtan are waiting for new homes. Gonna book some shows to share these beauties! #music ✌️ #ganesha #kirtan #folk #mantra

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Had my music selected for a trailer for this cool online yoga class.  Their facility is incredible.  Will be filming there soon for a combination yoga class / concert in april!    They’ve got quite a diverse offering if you’d like to check it out:

The Golden Way…

My folks and many others in the left-hand canyon area were cut off from water, power, and road access for days during September’s torrential floods in Colorado. My parents we’re isolated in the mountains before getting airlifted out by the national guard. It’s only in the last week that they’ve repaired the damaged roads allowing access to our home. Many others we’re hit hard and the damage continues to exist.

Make donations with and download the new song here:

All paid downloads of this new song will be donated directly to the Colorado Flood Foundation supporting Boulder county people affected in the 2013 floods.  Thanks!

For three years, The Golden Way has been in the writing.  With the turn of this season and the mega 2013 floods in Colorado, the song reached it’s completion.  It’s a testament to the moments when we all have to gather up and make it through unexpected loss and confusion. It’s about the work it takes to make it through challenging circumstances. My hope is for this song to reach people who have suffered damage from the flooding so that they can emerge more connected and more grateful than before.

Have a listen here:

In other news:
My goal is to create music that helps us all live in loving community, especially in the moments when it really counts. Every day I live a gradually larger life-in-music, including a new collection of recordings which I am helping create and unify as a new album coming out in March. I’ve got plans to continue sharing music across the west coast in live concerts and “open to your voice” workshops.  I have several shows coming up this month: Fireside Medicine Gathering in Sebastopol (Friday, 12/6 7pm) and Winter Solstice Restorative Yin Yoga with Live Music in Santa Rosa (Friday, 12/20 6pm).

Thanks so much to everyone in our community who has ever helped out in disasters like these, and also to a creative journey. I’m grateful for the folks from back home to get a gift this year.  We’ll continue getting through, doing our best to manage with the resources that are available. 

What “wake up call” experiences did you have this fall?

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